Minimization of costs and efforts in the implementation of your direct marketing.

Networking of all customer data to ensure efficient customer communication.

Automation of marketing processes.

Implementation of the entire campaign management – with only a few clicks.

In addition to automated campaign implementation with the push of a button, the Campaign Manager offers the following advantages:

  • Increase your campaign sales through intelligent selections.
  • Dramatically reduce your workload – through greater efficiency, you are able to devote your resources to other activities.
  • Integrated process management.
  • Networking complex system landscapes.


Increase your campaign success through the use of cross-media communication channels for customer interactions.


Even in the age of increasing media diversity, traditional postal mailing remains one of the most effective and eye-catching forms of dialogue advertising. VEACT focuses on broadly-distributed letters and cards as well as especially noticeable self-mailers. Through standardised campaigns we can minimise print costs in many cases.

Telephone Marketing

When it comes to multi-stage campaigns in particular, telephone marketing is a recommended and successful element. The goals are data management, address validation of your customer base and direct phone-based appointment scheduling in your dealership.


These days, an email can be just as personalised as a letter. Compared with traditional mailing lists, email is not only a clear cost advantage, but it also enables customer feedback to be measured live and offers your customers the opportunity to react in real time. As a part of multi-stage campaigns, customers who haven’t opened their email can still be reached through a traditional follow-up letter. This ensures the campaign’s reach and minimises its costs.

Landing Page

The job of a landing page, which ought to be designed in the style of your communication material in order to achieve familiarity, should be to convince customers to make their way to your dealership, where they can, for example, get a general inspection or make use of other services. We recommend landing pages for all topics that car owners regularly deal with (e.g. wheels + tyres, climate check, oil service). With landing pages, it’s important to integrate “Call-to-Action” elements that make it possible for the visitor to take purposeful action (e.g. “Make an Appointment” with the push of a button).


Point-of-Sale (POS) communication describes all material that points to specific promotions on the selling floor. The material includes everything from roll-ups and posters to counter displays. VEACT offers a large range of POS materials, which – in combination with many campaigns – primarily support the topic of cross-selling.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing influences the placement of a website based on certain search terms. In order to make your landing page findable for the searcher in the shortest time possible, we place your ads on the results page for certain search terms. The major advantage of this is that you pay per click, and thus only for the search engine users who have really visited your landing page.


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